TOBY JACOBS

Toby is the co-founder of Department 4, a production company based in Downtown Los Angles. Toby is a Chicago born photographer, filmmaker, producer and multimedia visual artist.  Working closely with light and experimental perspective altering techniques, Toby's work is visually and aesthetically provoking.  Beginning with a passion as a teen, Toby has honed his craft and shot, edited and produced film and photo content for corporate groups, major brands, independent artists, musicians, labels, producers and creative collectives. Toby earned his degree in photography from California Institute of the Arts, and has a background as a photo assistant and digital technician.  Some of Toby’s clients include: Barney’s New York, Lacoste, Who What Wear, Banana Republic, From the Basement, Dillygent&son and Fool’s Gold Records. 


email: toby@dept4.com

phone: (773)456-0762